Chelsea First United Methodist Church requires two forms to be completed in order for youth to participate in Church activities:
All youth must have a current REGISTRATION FORM on file at the church. This form needs to be completed once per school year. Please click the forms button above to complete online. You may also print off a copy of the Registration Form and turn it into the church office.  Print off the Registration Form by clicking here.
All youth must have a PERMISSION FORM on file prior to each event.  The Permission Form must be completed and signed by a Parent/Guardian.   Permission Forms may be filled out online by clicking the forms button above. You may also print off a copy of the Permission Form and turn it into the church office.  Print off the Permission Form by clicking here.
Here are forms associated with the CFUMC Child and Youth Protection Policies (which include Safe Sanctuary). Please click on text to upload form.


Chelsea First United Methodist Church believes that all persons are significant to the growth of God’s kingdom and should have opportunity to worship, learn, and serve in various capacities to ensure personal growth and growth of others. We seek to provide an environment that is physically, emotionally and spiritually safe for all persons who enter our doors, especially children and youth. We seek to provide a safe environment in which opportunities for abuse are minimized through proper enlistment and supervision of those persons working with them.   

All volunteers and employees who are in leadership roles in these ministries are living out the vow church members take during baptisms to nurture our children and youth in the Christian faith. Every church worker plays a key role in fostering the spiritual development of individuals and families in our church community.  It is our goal is to strive to be a “Safe Sanctuary” where we can work hand-in-hand growing our children and youth in their faith and a life devoted to Christ.   

If you are a volunteer who has not yet completed the volunteer screening and Safe Sanctuary training, please contact Jeanne Franks, Youth Director, HERE to set up a training.  If you have already been trained in the Safe Sanctuary policy and need the annual renewal training, please click HERE