XP3 is designed as a comprehensive student curriculum that helps students experience their faith in three areas.


These three things affect everything we do. They pull at our hearts, drive our behavior and capture our imagination.

XP3 Students is about awakening spirituality, reactivating the family, and restoring a broken world. Our curriculum isn’t focused on hot topics or pressure-packed agendas—they are all a part of something deeper, where a deep theology meets practical needs.

XP3 moves students beyond information about God to an actual experience with God. Every series falls under one of these areas:

God DESIGNED the world and created me in His image with a unique IDENTITY.

When I follow His Son Jesus by FAITH, His Spirit TRANSFORMS me and empowers me to live out His TRUTH.

I choose to live in a COMMUNITY of family and friends showing God’s love and COMPASSION every day and demonstrating His story of RESTORATION to the world.