The goals of our confirmation program are to:
  1. Deepen youth understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  2. Equip youth to make an "I" commitment to Christian Discipleship.

Information regarding confirmation is mailed to youth and their families in August of the summer between 8th and 9th grade. A meeting to share information about confirmation is held in September. Confirmation Sunday is always held on the first Sunday in May.

The main components of the confirmation process include:

  • Mentor and Youth Meetings: Each confirmation youth is paired with an active adult member of the congregation. Mentors and youth communicate on a weekly basis, working on seminar session follow-up activities, prayer support, and other activities designed to expose youth to multiple dimensions of discipleship.
  • Anchor Events: involve all confirmation youth, mentors, and confirmation coordinator in full-group experiences. These include the "kick-off" event, the retreat, and confirmation weekend activities.
  • Seminar Sessions: Monthly seminars that youth attend with adult mentors. Topics for the seminars include the Bible, God, the Church, Spiritual Disciplines, and ministry.
  • Service projects and experiences of the wider church: Youth work with mentors to fulfill requirements for service and wider church experiences.
The Purpose of confirmation program:
Deepen the love we all have for God, others and self. It is a safe place where doubts and questions are always welcome.

Families or youth with question about the confirmation process should speak to Jeanne Franks.
Confirmation Sunday, May 5, 2019