Thursday February 20 Session 5 - I am not alone
Divorce Care 4 Kids - 13 week program

Sunday February 23
Middle School     Review Mikey and Me.  Planning day - Generosity Challenge for April and May.  Practice for Ash Wednesday (2/26)  Answer a few questions.  
High School       Jumping Your Hurdles - Resilience with Courtney

During Lent, we are going to take on a different kind of "asceticism". Using the books of Matthew, Exodus, Psalms and John; we're going to strengthen the relationships within our families.  It's a commitment to become more generous, forgiving, supportive, faithful, grateful and loving with each other and through each other.

February 21-22   
It's that time again.   30 Hr. Famine

February 26  
Ash Wednesday 6:30 pm

Sunday March 1
H.S. - Time to rip some carpet and demo a wall or two.  We leave the church at 9 am, head to Jackson, and return at 11:00 a.m.

Thursday March 5
Cherry Bowl Basketball Match 

 Sunday March 8
Daylight Savings Time - aka PAJAMA DAY!  
This year's donations will support the MAGIC program at Eastern Michigan University
Mentorship Access Guidance ICollege exists to increase the graduation rates among students who have experienced foster care by removing barriers that interfere with academic success and the process of becoming an interdependent adult.

 Wednesday March 18
A lesson in injustice fueled by fear.  We're off to the 'courtroom' in the Ann Arbor Museum of Art.  Leaving church at 4:30 pm and will return at 8 pm.  

2020 Dreams & Visions  - 
3 rooms taken - small bedrooms still available

February Birthdays  

"Oh my goodness... oh wow... look at all of these treats!  Look at this... oh my goodness, look at this."  We carried two trunk loads of treats, toys, and food into the barn as Mr. Depew repeated the words above.  To say he was overwhelmed by the generosity of Chelsea First is an understatement.  I asked him if he knew the story of the Good Samaritan and he shared that he remembered bits and pieces from his childhood days.  "You are the witness to that story, Mr. Depew and you gave us the opportunity to do likewise.   We afforded him food and he shared love with us. Their names were Miles, Ferguson, Annie, and Bailey; and they opened hearts wide offering love and being loved in return.  
Generosity carries a long lasting ripple effect.  To every single person who gave witness to love, that's some serious God glory ripple.  Thank you.
Motown Mission  -  Detroit  Sunday  June 14 (3 pm) -20 (7 am)
Detroit Tigers Game 
NOAH Project    Redford Brightmoor Read Seed and Feed   
Cass Community Social Services
Cost:  $150.00/person     Church will cover $160/person
Complete Permission Form - Link below
This week's Resilience discussion with Courtney -
                  Jumping Your Hurdles  
    Love Like Jesus   
 LENT 2020 
What:  30 Hr. Famine
Who:  HS and MS youth.  Yes, you can bring a friend.
When: Feb. 21 & 22  Fast begins after lunch on Friday, arrive at church- 5:30.
            30 Hr. Famine ends Saturday ~6 pm. (We'll eat beforehand)
Where: 128 Park St.  We'll have at least one off-site activity.
Why:     Imagine something seemingly impossible... something that could only happen with God... a world of abundance.  Enough for all. Enough food, enough respect, enough love.  We haven't seen that world... Yet.  What if the first step is as simple as going without food for 30 hours so others can have enough to eat.  

Contact: Tom Lewis (  (734-883-5439)  or find him upstairs in the youth room for a sheet and packet.  
The most common concern - 'what if i can't go that long without eating'?  Some have a medical issue that necessitates a stable glucose level.  Others have their own reasons.  
This is an experience, not a contest.  There is no shame, blame, or guilt involved if you need a little food in your stomach... and we'll offer a whole lot of forgiveness for the things you said when you were hungry.  
Late last Spring, Mike Hay offered to finance a home in Jackson in order for willing hearts to offer their time and talent so that it might be resold at a profit.  A portion of the profit will benefit the children who participate in the Mentor2Youth program in Ypsilanti.  The other portion of the profit will benefit the youth of this church.  
There are four small bedrooms upstairs, a dining room, living room and entryway on the first floor.  The basement needs a bit of demo work as well.
Work to be done in each room:  Remove carpet.  Patch and sand any marks/holes in the wall.  Prime the darker colored rooms and paint. 
I plan to ask groups in this church to adopt a single room that the work is manageable and time invested is minimal but most beneficial. 
Are you ready to make a difference? 

6th  GRADE - Tuesday 3:15-5:30 p.m. 

7th & 8th GRADE - Wednesday 3:15-5:30 p.m.  

Middle School and High School Food Donations 

If you are running late, just let me know.  Otherwise, I run to the bakery to make sure there is something on the island when they arrive.  Thank you for your generosity.  It truly does fuel the time together.