BLAST Parent Newsletter
Here is the calendar for the year 

Here is the list of children's mission events for the year
Third - Fifth grade Sleepover
The sleepover was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who donated food or volunteered at the event! Enjoy these pictures!
Lenten Coin Challenge

Chelsea First is doing a Lenten Coin Challenge again this year! This challenge will help us realize how much we have and share it with others. Each week of Lent there are 2 challenges, you can pick one to do or you can do both. Follow the directions for each challenge and place the coins for that week in a can or a jar. You can bring in your coins each week and put them in the vase in the sanctuary, which will be on the children's worship activities shelf. The money we collect will be donated to Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. 

Week 1 - A coin for every chair in your house and/or for every box of cereal
Week 2 - A coin for every cross in your house and/or for every electrical outlet
Week 3 - A coin for every person in your family and/or for every shoe
Week 4 - A coin for every bed in your house and/or for every lightbulb
Week 5 - A coin for every coat in your house and/or for every box of band aids
Week 6 - A coin for every room in your house and/or for every television
Week 7 - A coin for every device in your house and/or for every Bible
Parenting Forward Discussion Group - POSTPONED
First Sunday of the month, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
At our last meeting the topic was children's spirituality and we talked about how to answer the big theological questions that children ask. It's important to have a conversation with them about it, rather than just telling them what to believe. When kids ask big questions they want conversation more than they want an answer (this may not always be true!), so it's important to talk to children about those questions and if we're too busy to talk about it now and we say "we'll talk about it later" it's important to make sure we actually talk about it later. Children have an innate spirituality, they just don't have the language to talk about it. Engaging them in conversation when they ask big theological questions, or even small questions that you do have an answer to, helps give them language to talk about their inner experience of God. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 5, and the topic is gender and sexuality. 
Church Camping Trip
June 19-21
Save the date for the Chelsea UMC Camping Trip.  This year we are changing locations to Greenwood Acres Family Campground in Jackson, Michigan. 

We have booked multiple site together in a group. The camping trip is scheduled for June 19 – 21 and the cost is $40 per night. Please email Rev. Rodney at, or Michelle King at, or contact the church office to reserve your spot.