This Week-  
Wednesday, March 31   
College Care Packaging and Card Signing
April 9
HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS - Graduation info due 
Also due! -  Photos or stories for Sean Little 

April 14  Stopping the Prison Pipeline: Becoming a Youth Justice Advocate  
 May 1     Confirmation Project Videos Due
May 15    Confirmation  - High Ropes  10:00 am
May 16    Confirmation Sunday - East Lawn CFUMC    
Confirmation group One of Five - Youth Mental Health
Thank you Julia Hanselman, Julia Kause, Lauren Lewis, Lia Spink, Sarah Tillman, Joanne and Vaughn Mills and Kate Ankenbauer (SRSLY) 
Twelve years of school, twelve eggs filled with candy.... egging houses has never been more fun.
Thank you to everyone who grabbed a bag and dared to spread the love.
Sixth Grade - Tuesdays 
Time to head outside.  Meet in front of the church. 
3:00 - 4:00 pm     Sixth - Eighth Grades

Seventh - Eighth Grade Wednesdays 
Love can only be found where we are.  Love is ‘nearer than near’.  Are you looking for the Holy One?  I am in the next seat.  My shoulder is against yours.  ~Kabir
I remember my first time behind the wheel of a car... an Italian model called the Fiat 128.  When you hear ‘Italian’, it’s easy to default to stereotypes - sleek, chic, fiery... which is why I included the picture above.  That beauty was $1700.00 brand new, the epitome of fuel economy, and ran in all seasons with the exception of winter.  The dealership informed us that it was, after all, manufactured in Italy. 

My dad sat in the passenger seat and to further add to anxiety, it was a stick shift.  I backed out of the drive, took the corners way too wide as I concentrated on shifting, jerked my way through starts and stops... let’s just end this by saying when we returned to the house, dad walked through the screen door and declared to my mother that the job was now hers.  
Hills were the worst with brake and clutch depressed fully, then equal part gas and clutch... ease the clutch, more gas, release the clutch until at last, you moved forward as if it had taken no effort at all.  It took intention... focus... determination... rolling backward was not an option.
I’m sure you’ve heard people share that the pandemic has been the Lentiest Lent on record.  Life came to a full stop.  The activity that served to buffer us from stillness, that relieved us from having to take a hard look at our lives... gone.  
Middle Schoolers were denied that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Washington DC with their peers... the one where they have the time of their lives, sleep becomes just a 5 letter word, and they return home smiling and bleary-eyed, only to sleep for the next 24 hrs.
High School students lost so many traditional firsts and lasts, but I wonder if what they lost most was the chance to do it together.
Beyond all of the loss, I believe that God has gifted us with opportunity, and never more so in all that we call church.  

This is Holy Week.  God saw a people disconnected from their story and in his great love, he sent the flesh and blood expression of that love.  In  Jesus Christ, a witness to all that is the fullest of life... daring to speak on behalf of those marginalized and beyond the speaking, living in both mercy and justice, compassion and the depths of love. 
Last week, someone emailed to share that their parents had been vaccinated and they were at last allowed to venture a bit further from home.  It felt as if at last they saw light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel. 
I find myself back in that Fiat at the top of an incline at the light that will soon give the signal to go. I glance at the mirror and see the back seat filled with your children’s faces; souls brimming with laughter, curiosity doubt, and endless possibility.    
It will take intention, purpose, determination. It will take each and every one of us.  Rolling backward is not an option. Going back to what we were is not an option when God has given us an opportunity to envision something new.

From Revelation, this:
And he who was seated on the throne said, Behold, I am making all things new.  Also, he said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’
This is Holy Week... 
Cultural Lenten Calenda
  The Bible is filled with stories of everyday people loved, broken, and redeemed.  Many of today's stories are told through film and we'll explore both positive and not so positive examples.
6:30 pm- 8:00 pm
 - Black Panther
 - The Greatest Showman
 - The Hate U Give

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text will continue as well.