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September 17, 2021

Dear Church Family!!!

Sunday CONNECT Program
 9:00- 10:00 am - CONNECT Program - Celebrate Wonder .
All children are invited into the Sanctuary then to the Social Hall for our Wonder Time and to classrooms.
The lessons follow a monthly theme and are filled with weekly lessons that are connected with the common theme.
We will combine some classrooms depending on number of children attending.
Pre School - room 206
Kindergarten and 1st grade - room 118
2nd and 3rd - room 115
4th and 5th - room 117
Some changes may occur.

September Theme: Reconciliation
To bring peace between persons who have disagreed.

Main Idea: This month we will focus on the spiritual practice of exploring reconciliation through forgiveness.
The bible is full of stories about disagreements and conflict, as well as forgiveness and reconciliation. Throughout September, we will Talk about the conflict between Joseph and his brothers, and their final reconciliation.


September 19, 2021

Due to unforeseen events, this Sunday, Sept 19, we will be having our regular CONNECT program. We will start our CONNECT & CREATE Sunday on October 17th.

This Sunday
Read. Wonder. Pray.
Find Genesis 39:1-40:23 in your favorite Bible.
Wondering Questions:
This month we are hearing stories about a man named Joseph. Our story today is about what happened to Joseph in the land of Egypt.
ASK: Do you remember what happened to Joseph in last week’s story? (He had a bad day, his brothers took his coat, threw him in a cistern, and he was sold and taken away)
​​-Do you have a special gift?
-How can you use your special gift to bring peace?

Pray: Dear God, Joseph helped others. Guide us to help others too. Amen.

Fun Activities: There will be fun activities waiting for you.

If you haven't yet, please fill out the registration form for FALL Programming. Registration really helps us plan accordingly.
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Coming soon
Working on renewing our CONNECT  online Children's Ministry Worship.

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