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November 28, 2021

Dear Church Family!!!

We are entering the season of Advent!!
Celebrating Advent with Kids

Waiting can be terribly difficult for any one of us. Throw in the commercialization of Christmas, and waiting can become extremely challenging for children. It can create anxiety and exhaustion for the whole family! How can we help cultivate a spiritual practice of waiting with our children during this season of Advent? Here are some ideas that might help us engage our children appropriately and joyfully in this beautiful liturgical season.

Give yourself time for quiet theological reflection.
Your children are watching your example. If you are stressed out, exhausted, and feeling Grinchy, they will learn that this is how one prepares for Christmas. Together, create a quiet space. You can even make an Advent wreath together for this special place. Each day, light the candles on the wreath and tell your child that this light reminds us of god's love. This ritual of self-care reflection will show your children that part of what it means to be a child of God is loving yourself enough to tend to your soul.

Explain to your children what Advent is.
SAY: Advent is when all of Jesus' followers practice waiting. For about four weeks, everyone waits together for Christmas. Many churches celebrate together each Sunday while they reflect on hope, love, joy, and peace. Many have an Advent wreath they light each Sunday to guide them through the time of waiting like a countdown clock. No matter what people do to prepare for Jesus' birth, it is all done with a spirit of waiting. While we wait, we learn to love like God loves. 
ASK: Why do you think we need to practice waiting? What can we do together to prepare for Christmas? (There are no right or wrong answers)

Attend worship services together.
Advent is a wonderful time to teach children how to be a part of the congregation. The rituals engage all ages because each week has a Faith Word and an explanation about the theological significance of that word. They will begin connecting what you are doing in your home with the greater community of believers.

This is a wonderful Advent Calendar you may use home:


Main Idea: Exploring Advent Through Presence

During this Season of Advent, during our wonder time, we will explore being present with God as we prepare for the birth of Jesus.
Every Sunday we will Wonder together, light a candle and explore the beautiful stories in preparation for the coming of Baby Jesus. 
This Sunday, November 28-  First week of Advent 
In our story this week, Mary's Good News - Luke 1:26-38,  Mary is visited by the angel of the Lord, Gabriel, and told she will have a baby and she will name the baby Jesus.
We will wonder together and light the candle of HOPE!
PAGEANT 2021 - We are making plans for our Pageant!!
Pageant day will be Sunday, December 19th at 9:00 am.
Please let me know if your child is interested in participating - we would absolutely LOVE to have all participate.
The pageant this year is being based on the book "Papa Panov's Special Day", a traditional tale for Christmas, adapted by Leo Tolstoy. We are using this book as an inspiration for our own telling of a Christmas in the here and now.

Priceless Gift Store - donations end Dec. 5
Every year the Children's Ministry at CFUMC - CONNECT Program, helps the Priceless Gift Toy Store Jackson re-stocking their shelves by bringing GENTLY used or new toys to them. We want to continue to support them and for that, we ask if you have any gently used toys that your children may have outgrown or not be using that you may be willing to donate, so we can help children have a joyful Christmas.

Over 6,000 children in Jackson received a gift from their parents last Christmas because of the generosity and INITIATIVE of others. They are also always pleased to collect AA batteries.
The Deadline for bringing toys in is December 5! A designated table is set in the Social Hall just for donations. You can drop it off at your earliest convenience.
Monday - Thursday - 8 am - 7 pm
Sundays - 8 am-Noon

You can check out their website:

We thank you for your generosity!

2021 Children's Christmas Bazaar - 
The 13th Annual Material Girls Children’s Christmas Bazaar during Hometown Holidays is designed to help children (ages 4 yrs-6th grade) understand that meaningful gifts don’t need to cost a lot of money.   All items are handcrafted by the members of the Material Girls, and each costs $1 - $5.  All profits will be given to Faith-in-Action to support families during the holiday season and into the New Year.

Signup for parents or grandparents to sign up children.

Signup for special needs students or young adults to shop.  This is a special evening that is geared to those with special needs....a more intimate shopping experience in a quieter setting.


Coming soon
Working on renewing our CONNECT  online Children's Ministry Worship.

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