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June 14, 2021

Dear Church Family!!!

Happy Summer!!!!
I am sure children and adults alike are very excited for this well-deserved Summer break. It was a challenging year but we are all looking forward to making new and wonderful memories.

I thought I share a fun podcast my family listens to. 
It is called Circle Round - where storytime happens all the time. It is packed with great, fun, and diverse stories for children.
Check it out:

Our in-person Worship (at the Church's East lawn) is in full swing. I hope to see you this coming Sunday, June 20 at 10:00 am. All families are invited to outdoor worship !!! We will invite the children to do some activities in Grams Hall and outdoors until reuniting with their family on the lawn. Some snacks for the children will be provided too.
Our  KINDNESS GARDEN (veggie garden) is growing and looking amazing. The children did a great job planting. 
We are watering it and expressing our love to the plants so they can grow and we can share all the great veggies.

Month of June
The Theme of the month is  KINDNESS!
We will hear a short bible story, wonder together about the story, offer a short prayer, play a fun game or activity, and then choose an act of kindness from a Bingo sheet children will be able to take home and do as they please (See below). 
What act of kindness do you think you can do?

Keep checking out our BLAST Adventures! 

Available on YouTube (just click on Chelsea First United Methodist Church - BLAST Adventures) every Sunday at 8:00 am so you can watch whenever convenient.
Check out our latest service:
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