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2020-2021 – Make a Difference in the World!

January 15, 2021

How are your family members different? How are they the same?

We are the same in some ways and different in others. That's how you made us.
Help us work together.

We are each called to lead change and fight for justice. This important work begins in our home and immediate community, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day provides us with an opportunity to start this work with our kids.
Racial inequality and racism are not just problems of the past—as we’ve seen especially in recent years, these are issues still very much alive today. You can focus on reading book by diverse authors, and continue to educate yourself and your family not only on the discrimination the Black community has faced and continues to face in America, but also on the amazing work Black leaders have done to make the world a better and more joyful place.

Here a little video on Dr. MLKJ you may want to share with your little ones:

Also a good resource of books about diversity:

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Service for BLAST
A YouTube service is about to launch. We are looking for a catchy and fun name that could be associated with it.
Any suggestions? please let me know. Would love to hear your opinion on it.
As we don't know when we will be together in person, this might be a good alternative to keep in touch and an opportunity for some "church time" for the kids.
Will send a note as soon as it is available.

Love and Peace,