Zimmer Organ

W. Zimmer & Sons (1980)
Two Manual
Mechanical Action

The case is made of oak, standing free from the surrounding walls, with shutters enclosing the swell division. The facade is formed by 52 functioning pipes of polished zinc. There is a total of 1376 pipes in the organ. The natural keys are black and made of Grenadilla, the sharp keys are white and made of maple with a plastic overlay. The console is recessed 15 inches into the floor and is hidden by the altar much of the time.

GREAT              SWELL                   PEDAL                   COUPLERS           PISTONS
16' Bourdon       8' Rohrflote             16' Subbass            Swell to Great        12 General Pistons
8' Principal         8' Spitzgamba         8' Bourdon              Swell to Pedal        4 Great Division
8' Gedackt         8' Celeste (T.C.)      8' Offenbass           Great to Pedal        4 Swell Division
4' Octave           4' Koppelflote          Rauschepfeife II                                     4 Pedal Division
2' Flachflote       2' Principal              16' Fagott
Cornet II-III        1 1/3' Quint
Mixture IV-V      8' Krummhorn Tremolo