John Dean Town

The video demonstrates the initiative started in John Dean Town by the Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado. It has now become a Ann Arbor District-Wide Mission. Chelsea First United Methodist Church is pleased to be apart of the District Liberia Task Force. This Mission replicates a proven, successful approach to making life-saving changes in maternal and infant care, water quality and malaria prevention. It intentionally works to raise the status of women, in part via leadership roles for local midwives. And it requires significant buy-in and commitment by participating villages.

More information will be provided on our efforts to support this mission.

The Reverend John Dean, with the help of his two brothers, Zeon Giah and Kanga Giah, established John Dean Town in the early 1940s. It is located in rural Liberia, 30 miles from Lower Buchanan, Bassa County. Reverend Dean and his brothers were active Christians under the spiritual leadership of the Reverend George Z. Dean, the father of Methodism among the Bassa Tribe. John Dean was dedicated and committed to Jesus Christ. He helped Reverend George Z. Dean spread the good news of Jesus Christ in surrounding villages.