We support Cass Community because they are uncommonly successful at Fighting Poverty and Creating Opportunity in Detroit. 
We support Cass by cooking and providing one of their Saturday community lunches for 125 - 200 people from Cass shelters, residential programs or off the street.
We support Cass with volunteer mission trips.
We support Cass with funds and with hands on help in any way we can.

Online Auction to Support the Cass Empty Bowls project

Here are some small ways you can help and support Cass Social Services:

Each of these books is $20.00 and all proceeds go to support
Cass Community Social Services.


Detroit Treads - $27 per pair

Detroit Tread sandals are made from the treads of tires that have been illegally dumped in the City of Detroit and reclaimed from vacant lots by Cass staff and volunteers. The response has been tremendous.
 Cass has orders from 45 states including Alaska and Hawaii and one from Australia!  They have hired four new people, formerly unemployed and homeless, to help with the demand and extra equipment has been purchased as a result. You can order a pair online today by clicking on the link below.  International or pick up orders can be placed by calling Sue Pethoud at 313-883-2277 ext. 203.



Mud Mats

Cass Community Social Services collects illegally dumped tires from vacant lots in Detroit and recycles them into indestructible mud mats. To date, Cass has picked up over 30,000 tires from the streets of Detroit. Twelve formerly homeless men are employed in this program.

Large - $45.00            Medium - $35.00           Small - $25.00



Coasters - $25 per set

There is a wall in Detroit near 8 mile and Wyoming – 6 feet tall, a foot wide, and half a mile long –erected after WWI. Some people call it the Wailing Wall; others, a mini Berlin Wall.

The reality is that the wall was constructed to keep Black people on one side and White folks on the other. A developer in 1940 built the wall in order to secure a federally backed loan. At that time, the Federal Housing Administration’s policies prohibited loans to integrated neighborhoods. Over time the wall has been covered with graffiti. 

Not only does the production of our coasters provide jobs at Cass Community Social Services, but it has also begins a discussion about race in Detroit.  

Our Cass Green Industries’ coasters feature a sample of the graffiti painted on this wall.
The product is made from recycled glass and repurposed wood.

Below are two employees at Cass Green Industries who make our coasters standing in front of the graffiti covered Wailing Wall.


For more on the story behind our coasters, read this article by the U.K. Daily Mail

Coasters may be purchased visiting our or by calling  313-833-2277.