We had a great group of people who came out and raked leaves on November 14, 2021, for people in the congregation and community. Even with the snow on the ground.

We're participating in the 2021 CROP Hunger Walk to support CWS and help families who are struggling with hunger. We're asking you to join us - with your steps and your donations - to provide more meals for the growing number of people in our community who need them, and greater food security in communities around the world.

We did a Furniture Drive to support needy families across the City of Detroit. It will take place on Friday, September 24, 2021 from 4-7 pm at Chelsea First UMC.

Outreach and Missions January 2021
The Administrative Council is delighted to have received a request from Reiley Curran of St. Joe Mercy Chelsea (SJMC) to deepen our relationship with SJMC’s “SRSLY” program. SRSLY began several years ago with a focus on substance abuse prevention. In 2020, the program expanded into the broader area of Youth Mental Health; our congregation’s $25,000 “Mission Tithe” donation helped make this happen. SRSLY is now pursuing a new grant application and asked Chelsea First to support its application. A “Letter of Commitment” (click HERE to read) was approved unanimously at Ad Council’s meeting on 1/14. Specifically, we have committed to making our facility available to hold community-wide training for adults on how to spot and address mental health issues in youth. Most important, we have committed that roughly 95 to 140 of our congregants (including 100% of our staff and youth volunteers) will participate in at least one SRSLY training over the course of 5 years. A short, 1-hour training will count toward this goal. What a tremendous opportunity for our entire church to deepen our spiritual focus on young people in our community!  A decision on the grant application is expected in late summer. Thank you, Reiley, for the privilege of being your church family and for including us in this request.


Global experience for Wesley students in Puerto Rico

Free Virtual Conference on Global Water Justice Issues
Chelsea First’s Diane Brown has written a great piece in the newsletter of the Michigan Annual Conference about how United Methodists around the world are working together on issues relating to clean water. This is a creative initiative that developed out of the Michigan-Liberia partnership, and the recognition that Flint has much in common with African villages that lack wells. Diane’s article, “Global Water Summit Seeks to Spur Change,” https://michiganumc.org/global-water-summit-seeks-to-spur-change/ describes an upcoming virtual summit, open to all and hosted by the Wesley Foundations of Ann Arbor and Mt. Pleasant. The summit is free and will be held on March 27 at noon.


1 Peter 4:10-11


OCTOBER 1, 2020 – Addressing two challenging issues in its community – emergency housing and youth mental health – this week, Chelsea First United Methodist Church gave $50,600 to Faith in Action of Chelsea and Dexter, Inc., and $25,300 to St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea for the SRSLY program.  

These gifts, which address two of the church’s high-priority mission areas of basic needs and youth mental health, are to be spent by the agencies no later than December 2023. 

“We are enormously blessed to be able to give to these two local programs who are helping to address critical needs in our community,” said Rev. Joy Barrett, senior pastor at Chelsea First. “This money was raised during our sanctuary renovation capital campaign of 2014-15. As individuals made campaign pledges, they intended that a share of their donations be set aside for future use with local mission projects. These are the fruits of those gifts.” Click HERE to read the full press release.

Pictured above: Rev. Joy Barrett, senior pastor Chelsea First UMC; Doug Smith, social worker FIA;
Sheri Montoye, executive director FIA; Miranda Salazar, social worker FIA; Sara Shugart, associate director FIA

Pictured above: Rev. Joy Barrett, senior pastor Chelsea First UMC;
Reiley Curran, director of Community Health and SRSLY Coalition;
Marcus Kaemming, assistant superintendent, Chelsea School District

October 2020
The staff at SRSLY (the local group that works on youth substance use prevention and mental health) has prepared a video presentation for our congregation. It is both a Thank You for our recent $25,000 Mission Tithe donation, and an information piece. You can see the video click HERE. It shows great care and sincerity in communicating with us about their plans for our gift.  
Also, Faith in Action has called out our $50,000 Mission Tithe donation to them in their November newsletter. You can see that newsletter HERE 
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