Middle School Mission trip to Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. 

Our youth group was very busy during their time at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit They:

  • recycled and baled cardboard for sale
  • worked on making mud mats which are sold to the general public and support Cass and its employees
  • cooked and served a meal to the homeless, among those an 8 year old boy whose family’s 90 day stay was up. He and his family were moving to another shelter and Chef Matt wanted to honor him with a dinner choice.  The kids took part in making his mac and cheese
  • hauled ~30 bags of debris following clean up from a third story apartment fire
  • spent a morning with the developmentally disabled playing bingo, painting nails, & laughing alongside
  • attended the Cass Warehouse church service with the residents in the surrounding area
  • cleaned graffiti from walls
  • mopped floors
  • moved furniture
  • created a vacation bible school room for homeless children & children in surrounding area to attend
  • attended a Tiger’s game
  • visited Belle Isle
  • walked along the Detroit river (Riverwalk)
  • found their way to Cold Stone in Greektown on more than one evening....

The Youth were asked to look for Jesus in their midst in each day.  By the third day, one of them blurted out… “I’m so glad that you asked us to look for…. OH I SEE JESUS EVERYWHERE!!!!”

Such sweet servants.