2016 Christmas Pageant Information Important Dates:

Oct. 16:  Children will be introduced to the pageant during BLAST
Oct. 30: Deadline to RSVP to Courtney regarding your child's participation and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd part choices     Nov 6:   Pageant parts will be handed out after the 9:00 Worship Service (Look for a table in Grams Hall)       

Nov 20:   Costume Sunday!  Children needing a costume for their part should stop by the storage room in the K-5 BLAST hallway to try on a costume.  Costume times:  8:30-8:55, 10:30-10:55.   
Nov 27:    Make up date for children still needing a costume.  Stop by the storage room in the K-5 BLAST hallway between 8:30-8:55, 10:30-10:55.
Saturday, Dec 10:  9:00-11:00 ALL CHILDREN PRACTICE in the Sanctuary.  Because this is the ONLY rehearsal, it is really important that EVERY child that wants to be in the pageant attend.  We will go through the pageant twice.
Dec 11:  Pageant during 9:00 Worship Service.  K-5 children arrive at 8:30 and go to their BLAST classrooms to get their costumes.   When preschoolers arrive to worship, they may choose to wear sheep "hats, mittens, and/or bibs". Preschoolers will sit with their families in reserved pews up front.

For more information on the Pageant or for the Song List please click the links below: