Prayer and Meditation Room

Prayer and Meditation Room Is now available for your use. It is located on the second floor, right by the elevator. The Prayer and Meditation Room has been designed as a welcoming, comfortable space where you may come and be honest with God; it is a place to bring your pain and your joy, your hopes and your confusion; it is a place to simply be still and know the very presence of God. The room has several basic resources: Bibles; the current edition of The Upper Room Daily Devotions; prayer books; a CD player and selection of CD’s with calming music; a kneeler; clinging crosses for holding during prayer; comfortable seating. Please feel free to use these resources while you are present and thank you for leaving them for those who will visit after you. This Prayer and Meditation Room draws upon the strength, faith, example, and wisdom of saints through the ages, and saints from the life of this congregation, specifically Alice Schmunk, Kimberly Boyd, Phil Wilcox and many more. We are grateful for the work of Connor Peterson, who chose this as his Eagle Scout Project, to the Schmunk and Boyd Families, and to the Sanctuary Renovation Building Committee. All is not yet complete in that space; however, it is available and we encourage you to make use of it. Pastor Joy