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Announcement of New “Marketing and Communications Specialist” Position at Chelsea First
Following a period of discussion and discernment, and in consultation with the Finance and Staff-Parish Relations Committees, the Administrative Council has approved a new part-time “Marketing and Communications Specialist” staff position. This person will direct Chelsea First’s communications and digital outreach to the greater Chelsea community.

The position represents something new and significant in the life of our church. During the COVID emergency, our staff has creatively and rapidly shifted to on-line formats, and for this, we stand in awe and gratitude. But we also recognize that some of these changes will be permanent. The skills and techniques required to carry out the week-to-week functions of the church have moved toward the digital. Our staffing needs to reflect new tasks.

The new position also reflects a purposeful change in our culture as a congregation. Believing that actions speak louder than words, we have tended to be low-key about sharing who we are and what type of church experience people can expect with us. Today, “word-of-mouth” alone is not sufficient. We know that there are many souls in our area who seek Meaning and Purpose, and who would resonate to the vision of God’s love in the world that is embodied at Chelsea First. They need to hear a clear message from us, delivered in ways that reach them.

Be assured that the leadership of Chelsea First intends to lift Christ’s light and let it shine it forth in Power with all the creativity and effort that we can muster. We welcome applications from all. Please feel free to share the position posting widely. You can see the position description and instructions to apply HERE. It is also posted at